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Normanton Junior Academy

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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Learning

At Normanton Junior Academy, we recognise that the personal development of pupils, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally (SMSC) plays a significant part in their ability to learn, achieve and be fully prepared for the adult world.  We therefore aim to provide an education through a broad and motivating curriculum that provides pupils with opportunities to explore and develop these aspects of their development, helping them to make better sense of the world.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is having a sense of awe and wonder about out world. This can include the religious beliefs of others and ourselves. We enjoy our learning when we can use our imagination and creativity, take the time to reflect on our actions and look for ways we can improve.

How Spiritual Development is promoted in the ethos at NJA:

  • School Values;
  • Charity work and fundraising activities;
  • Whole school assemblies;
  • Religious Theme Days;
  • Play leaders;
  • Residential Visits;
  • Curriculum Topics;
  • Big Question session.
Moral Development

Moral development is learning about the difference between right and wrong in a range of situations. We also understand how this affects the law. Our behaviour system in school helps us to understand that there will be consequences for our actions. We also learn how to give reasoned views about a range of moral and ethical issues and also understand the viewpoints of others.

How Moral Development is promoted in the ethos at NJA:

  • Expectations of behaviour around school;
  • Problem solving/Investigating;
  • Whole school assemblies;
  • Internet Safety lessons/themed days;
  • Singing in the local community- Church;
  • Educational Visits and Residential visits;
  • Charity work and fundraising;
  • Anti-Bullying lessons/themed days;
  • Behaviour policy;
  • Curriculum Topics.
Social Development

Social development is how we learn to play and work together to co-operate in groups, classes, year groups and as a whole school community. We learn how to use our social skills in different contexts. Our social development is also about us being willing to participate in activities and being able to resolve conflicts.

How Social Development is promoted in the ethos at NJA:

  • School Values;
  • Playground leaders;
  • Whole school assemblies;
  • Lunch clubs (ICT and library);
  • Play leaders;
  • Residential Visits;
  • Curriculum Topics;
  • Behaviour Policy;
  • Group work in lessons;
  • Expectation of Behaviour around school;
  • Residential/ Educational trips;
  • Sports Competitions.
Cultural Development

Cultural development is how we learn to understand and accept a range of cultural influences that have shaped our lives. We think about what people did in the past and what happens today.  We show enjoyment when learning about other cultures and religions and enjoy experiencing a range of artistic activities such as literature, music and art.

How Cultural Development is promoted in the ethos at NJA:

  • Whole school assemblies.
  • Learning and celebrating different religious festivals.
  • Learning a foreign language (French).
  • Music lessons.
  • Themed days within school.
  • Violin tuition.
  • Curriculum Topics.


How SMSC is promoted at Normanton Junior Academy: