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Normanton Junior Academy

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Our Behaviour Systems

Good behaviour has always been expected at Normanton Junior Academy and in the last Ofsted inspection it was noted that ’generally, pupils behave very well in class and have good attitudes to learning’.

However, we are always striving to improve behaviour throughout school, and so have decided to make some changes to the behaviour system and increase the provision available at playtimes and dinnertimes.

Probably the most exciting change is what is now happening at playtime and dinnertimes! There are now more staff on duty at playtimes and they are now actively involved in taking part in fun activities with the children.  At dinnertimes, the dinner staff each have their own ‘zone’ which children can take part in; there’s Zumba, football, basketball, floor art, hula hoops, computers, library activities and more all going on!

Pupils now say they are enjoying their breaks more, which is great to hear!

If you want to know more about our school behaviour policy, you can find our Behaviour Policy document on the policies page.


The aim of our behaviour system is to:

  • encourage and reward good behaviour;
  • have clear consequences for negative behaviour, reducing the number of incidents of negative behaviour over time;
  • be fair to all pupils.

Each classroom has a behaviour ladder with 5 different colours on it; Gold, Silver, Green, Amber and Red.  Each pupil will have a name card and will begin the day on Green. They can move up or down the ladder depending on how they behave throughout the day.

Good behaviour

You've Been Spotted tokens are awarded for good behaviour and for working hard, these can add up to prizes on Friday afternoons. However, in addition to this, anyone who performs particularly impressively will move up to Silver on the behaviour ladder.  Pupils who continue to impress, showing outstanding behaviour, will move up to Gold.

When a pupil has received 3, 6, 9, 15 and 25 Golds, they will receive a certificate to recognise their excellent behaviour!

Good behaviour around school (walking down corridors, in assembly etc.) will also be rewarded with a ‘You’ve been spotted’ token.

Negative Behaviour

Incidents of negative behaviour will also be recorded by the class teacher.

If a child has to be reminded of low-level negative behaviour in the class room, then they will move to amber. 

If a child continues their negative behaviour from this point, they will be placed on red. Violence or defiance automatically puts a child on to red. A red will result in the loss of 15 minutes of playtime or dinnertime. 3 reds over any period of time will result in a phone call home from the deputy. 6 reds will result in a meeting with the Headteacher to discuss the behaviour of the child in question. 

Any child moving down the ladder has the chance to redeem themselves and move back up the ladder to finish the day on green. Incidents of red and amber will still be recorded, however, by the class teacher.